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Support the kids of Charlotteville and encourage their pride in their organic gardening venture. Experience a local organic gardening project on an outing perfectly suited for families and garden lovers!

Lucille is the owner of a unique organic garden in the forest above Pirates Bay, maintained since 2012 with endless love and care. During this time she has worked with children in the village to invite them into her garden and grow their own fruits and vegetables.

Every Saturday she teaches the kids how to look after their plants and flowers, fruits and vegetables, turning them into garden stewards for the future.

As the produce ripens, Lucille describes to the children how they can use or cook the fruits of their labours. Every week the children return home with their home grown produce to share their knowledge and experience with their families and friends. 


​Awaken your senses to the touch, taste and smell of local fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants including, bananas, papaya, mango, sugar cane and ginger, as you explore the intricate pathways and steps through this hidden oasis accompanied by the children, eagerly pointing out their very own patches to you.

Working with the children you will witness  their pride, enthusiasm and joy at the creation and maintenance of a living and productive organic garden. For families it is a unique opportunity for cultural exchange so children can form lasting friendships, and to experience the wonderful nature of Charlotteville.

Lucille provides vegetarian lunch and drinks, all is homemade and contains ingredients from the garden.

Enjoy salads, vegetarian dishes, different cheeses or homemade pizza., with fresh juice squeezed from oranges, pineapples or passionfruit. Your contribution to the organic garden goes towards maintenance and upkeep, essential tools and small gifts for the children to reward their efforts. To celebrate the first anniversary of the children’s involvement in the garden one lucky winner was presented with her first bicycle!


Meeting at Charlotteville Jetty at 9:45am every Saturday, Lucille and the children are eager to meet you and show you their garden. Along the coastal walk with stunning views across Man o’ War Bay and around the famous Pirates Bay headland, Lucille will share her passion for her garden with you. Reaching the garden you will enjoy Lucille's natural spring water or freshly squeezed orange juice with breathtaking views over the ocean.


Experience Lucille’s sincere thanks for your support, as you leave with various fruits, banana bread or homemade cake to enjoy at Pirates Bay. Relax, unwind and take in the sunset at this internationally awarded beach.​ Watch highlights of Lucille's Garden, or for more information and to book a trip to the organic garden please email

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