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North-east Tobago UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Stock Footage Database

In 2022, the ERIC Tobago - through funding from UNESCO - created the first and only publicly available North-east Tobago UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Stock Footage Database.

It contains various audio-visual material of North-east Tobago’s villages, nature, marine life, culture, and history. The database is designed with future growth in mind and currently contains:


This database is part of our constant effort to promote the North-east Tobago UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Reserve. We firmly believe in empowerment of North-east Tobago’s people, organisations, and other stakeholders. Hence, the audio-visual material in this database was created with public availability in mind.

Whether you are a North-east Tobago tourism operator, school student, researcher, working for a government agency, or NGO and need stock footage of your beautiful Biosphere Reserve, take advantage of this database.

You may use it for proposals, research, publications, advertisement, marketing, school projects, social media, and more.

All footage is publicly available and can be used free of charge.

All we require from you is to use the correct citation when you publish database footage. All files have a watermark, which is sufficient as citation. Nevertheless, if you want to crop in, please use citation including copyright holder and name of photographer; e.g.: “©UNESCO / Jacob Bock”. You can find further information on usage rules in the usage agreement:

North-East Tobago UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Stock Footage Usage Agreement

To get access, please fill out some basic information below. This helps us to monitor the success of the database.

Access Request Form

Please include the following under "Additional Information":

  1. ​​​Who will be working on the files?

  2. What is the expected reach of the final product?

  3. Who is the intended audience? (including geographic location)

  4. Does the estimated reach of final publication exceed 50.000 annual impressions?

Watch our short database introduction video for further information, example pictures and videos, and guide on the database:

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