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Your first stop will be a gentle walk through the surrounding forest leading you to the breathtaking Argyle Waterfall. Soak in the atmosphere, spot small darting fish or plunge into the cool and refreshing pools as the water cascades its way down the rock faces before continuing its journey from the Main Ridge Forest Reserve to the Atlantic Ocean.

Leaving Argyle you will head up into the Main Ridge Forest Reserve itself. The oldest ratified reserve of any kind in the Western Hemisphere, the Main Ridge has been recognised and protected since 1776. With a number of trails to choose from you will get off the beaten track and explore the forest. Aming’s tales will inspire your imagination as you listen for the calls of the blue-backed manakin or the collared trogon, or try and spot iguanas or armadillos.

Among the most enigmatic of Tobago’s wildlife is the hummingbird, and before you leave the Main Ridge you will witness these magical birds at work. Relaxing in a hummingbird garden with a breathtaking view over the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea your senses will be awakened by hummingbirds dancing and hovering around you, possibly sighting species such as the White-necked Jacobin, the Ruby-topaz or even the
White-tailed Sabrewing.


Leaving the Main Ridge you will wind your way down to Bloody Bay on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, where you will enjoy a typical lunch of pelau served in a calabash and listen to tales of how this stunning bay got its name. After a swim in the warm Caribbean waters you will travel to L’Anse Fourmi where you will see a huge traditional clay oven and may be lucky enough to pick up some freshly baked bread. A must-see in L’Anse Fourmi is the local snake expert who will introduce you to his animals and share his knowledge with fascinating insights into these endemic species.

​The last stop on the way home is the secluded Hermitage Beach, one of the last intact nesting beaches in the region of the critically endangered hawksbill turtle and the site of local turtle conservation activities. Wandering carefully along the beach you might be able to spot turtle nests or tracks or even a turtle itself, waiting for night to fall so that it can come ashore and dig a nest for its eggs.

​From Hermitage Beach you can enjoy the view across Man o’ War Bay, past Booby Island to Pirate’s Bay, before returning home to Charlotteville.

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Join your personal guide Curtis "Aming" Antoine on a unique tour of northeast Tobago, exploring the untouched nature and traditional villages of this intriguing corner of the Caribbean. As a lifelong resident of Charlotteville, Aming has a deep appreciation and understanding of the local environment and has been sharing his secrets with visitors seeking an intimate experience of Tobago’s nature for over ten years.

​You will depart Charlotteville at 9am in Aming’s private transport, sitting in the cab for conversation or on the tray for the open air experience!

With frequent stops throughout the journey you will have your eyes and ears opened to the sights and sounds of Tobago’s nature.​

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