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As the official coral reef monitoring programme of the United Nations, Reef Check empowers divers through its EcoDiver training course to conduct in-water coral reef surveys, and to collect, collate and submit data to a global database on reef health. Uniquely placed as the centre for Reef Check Trinidad and Tobago, the only Reef Check Training facility in the southern Caribbean and with an on-site team boasting four Reef Check EcoDiver Trainers, ERIC offers both EcoDiver training and EcoExpeditions to environmentally conscientious scuba divers.

Discover Reef Check – half day

An introduction to coral reef ecology and monitoring techniques with one of the ERIC marine biologists. If you are a beginner snorkeller or diver this is a great introduction to the world of the Reef Check EcoDiver, after which you will receive a Certification of Completion and will be prepared for your full EcoDiver course.

Reef Check EcoDiver – two to three days

Reef Check EcoDiver programme trains snorkelers and divers in key species identification and a standardised monitoring methodology in order to contribute to a worldwide database on reef health. Combining classroom lessons, in-water identification and survey practice, and at least two dives (for certified divers), certification as a Caribbean and Atlantic Reef Check EcoDiver enables you to use your skills throughout the region to take part in surveys and make a real contribution to conservation efforts. With a crossover system to the Indo-Pacific programme also available, this is the perfect way to add a new dimension to diving and combine your passion with responsibility.

Data are used locally by marine park managers, nationally by fisheries and environment managers and internationally by organisations including United Nations agencies to improve the conservation and management of vitally important coral reef resources. ERIC conducts Reef Check surveys throughout northeast Tobago as part of
our coral reef monitoring programme, and we welcome EcoDivers who would like to join our surveys and collect data alongside our science team.

For training enquiries please visit our
rates page or email

Reef Check EcoExpedition – one or two weeks

ERIC works in partnership with
Reef Check to empower environmentally conscientious scuba divers to not just enjoy the reefs of northeast Tobago, but also to gather important data regarding ecosystem health and make a valuable contribution to our on-going monitoring programme.

On a Reef Check EcoExpedition divers can complete the
Reef Check EcoDiver course for the Atlantic and Caribbean region with our team of marine biologists before embarking on a daily programme of reef surveys and exploratory research dives in the area. For certified EcoDivers, reef surveying and exploratory diving will begin immediately. Our EcoExpeditions run monthly for one and two week durations. For more information regarding ERIC EcoExpeditions please download our EcoExpedition guidelines or email

Why Reef Check?

You don’t have to be a marine biologist to train as an EcoDiver. The principle of the programme is to engage and empower diving and snorkeling enthusiasts to use their passion and hobbies with purpose, and to become ambassadors and custodians of coral reefs. Use your trip to Tobago to not only enjoy the reefs and ocean, but also to gather important data regarding ecosystem health and make a valuable contribution to our on-going coral reef conservation monitoring programme. It really is an opportunity unlike anywhere else in Trinidad and Tobago.

For more information about our Reef Check programme please email

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