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The Pirate's Bay Reef Eco Snorkel Trail offers guests a genuinely unique Tobago snorkelling experience. Operated by the ERIC team of community based field technicians, this snorkel trail leads guests along the edge of the fringing reef that extends from Charlotteville Jetty all the way to the world famous Pirate's Bay. In these calm sheltered waters you will discover vibrant shoals of coral reef fish swimming amongst critically endangered corals, search for elusive green turtles, see huge sponges sheltering coral shrimps, tiny gobies manning their cleaning stations, and parrotfish and sea urchins working together to provide the next generation of corals with a clear rock surface to settle on and grow.

​Your snorkel trail will lead you around and over the boulders and pinnacle
s that lie off the beach at Pirate's Bay, covered in a vast and colourful array of hard and soft corals, sponges and sea fans. With the sound of snapping shrimps coming from all directions and shoals of baitfish surrounding you in the blue waters you will arrive into the iconic Pirate's Bay, where piracy has been replaced by peace as small groups of visitors seek the serenity and seclusion of this corner of Tobago.


Your snorkel trail includes the following:

  • Personalised experience, with no more than four snorkellers per guide

  • Comprehensive briefing

  • Guided walk along the Pirate's Bay coastal path commanding breathtaking
    views across Man o' War Bay and as far as landmarks such as the Sisters Rocks


Boat option:

  • If you prefer to have an accompanying safety boat and not to walk back from Pirate's Bay you can hire a boat to be alongside you from the jetty to Pirates Bay and drop you back after the snorkel tour at an additional cost of 250 TTD.


How long does the snorkel trail last?

  • We have a short option (2 hours including registration) and long option (4 hours including registration and a local roast fish and baked bread meal on the beach)


​Are there any age or fitness restrictions?

  • Participants under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian at registration

  • Snorkellers should be comfortable in the water and with a medium level of fitness but extra flotation and swim aids are available for those who need them, or boat support at an additional cost


How much does it cost?

  • Short snorkel option

    • 1 person - TT$400

    • 2 people - TT$250 per person

    • 3 or more people - TT$200 per person

  • Long snorkel option including roast fish, baked bread, and coconut water on the beach

    • 1 person - TT$600

    • 2 people - TT$400 per person

    • 3 or more people - TT$300 per person

  • All snorkelling equipment hire including extra flotation devices - TT$60 per person

To find out more about adding the Pirate's Bay Reef Eco Snorkel Trail to your Charlotteville adventure, and the options for shorter or longer trips and a traditional meal on the beach while you watch the sun go down, please email




Explore the coral reefs of Tobago, discover their secrets, and learn about their beauty and fragility from community members who depend on them for tourism, food and coastal protection.

In a changing climate the future of coral reefs is uncertain, but on your snorkel trail you will learn about the close relationship between reefs and coastal communities, and
what is being done in North-east Tobago to help conserve and protect these beautiful ecosystems for future generations.


A common challenge faced by isolated coastal communities is the development and maintenance of socially and environmentally sustainable livelihoods. Initially formed as a component of the North-east Tobago Climate Change Champions Network project, the snorkel trail now gives guests the opportunity to learn about coral reef ecology in the context of a changing climate directly from a professional and safety conscious team of snorkel guides.

Whether you are an individual, a family or a group from overseas or right here in Trinidad and Tobago, the Pirate's Bay Reef Eco Snorkel Trail is the perfect way to spend half a day in Charlotteville, discover things about coral reefs that you never knew before, and make a direct contribution to the development of sustainable tourism in northeast Tobago.

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