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The local CSO North East Sea Turtles (NEST) works towards improved conservation and protection of sea turtles. With northeast Tobago boasting regionally important nesting beaches, including within Man o' War Bay itself, the activities of NEST focus primarily on the following species of sea turtle:


There has been a steady decline in sea turtle populations over recent decades, with factors contributing to those trends including destruction and loss of foraging and nesting habitats, trade in turtle shells, poaching for meat and eggs, and entanglement and drowning in fishing equipment.

From the beginning of the nesting season to the end of the hatching season NEST conducts conservation activities, including beach cleanup initiatives to ensure a safe a clear nesting habitat and beach patrols to combat poaching activities. Community outreach and education is also undertaken to increase awareness, understanding and respect for the ecological and economic importance of turtles to the communities of northeast Tobago.

Visitors to the region can join NEST for an evening or night beach patrol. Depending on the season you may be lucky enough to see a female turtle coming ashore to lay eggs, or even witness the sight of hundreds of turtle hatchlings emerging into the night and making their way down the beach to enter the ocean for their long swim out to sea.

ERIC is honoured to work with NEST towards capacity and operational building and development, as well as offer beach patrols as part of our Ecological Expeditions. For more information, or to meet NEST or join a beach patrol, please email

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