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An ERIC Ecological Expedition is your chance to observe, learn and take part in a range of our programmes. For diving families, dive groups and clubs visiting the Caribbean, and high school and university students and groups looking to develop fieldwork skills and experience, our expeditions offer you a truly unique Tobago expedition experience. With bespoke itineraries available, we will work with your interests, objectives and timeframes to put together the perfect itinerary for you.


Reef Check Training and Survey Dives
Your expedition will introduce you to a range of field methodologies, data collection, and direct involvement in our work programme. You will begin with Reef Check EcoDiver training and certification, after which you will be able to collect data throughout the Atlantic and Caribbean regions on key coral reef indicator species to contribute to a global database on coral reef health. After certification you will join the ERIC dive team for a number of survey dives at our reef monitoring sites around the northeast region of Tobago.

Sharks, Rays and Turtles
You may get the chance to observe and take part in our shark and ray, and turtle surveys. Using a roving diver technique we are collecting data on turtle populations in northeast Tobago. And as part of a collaboration with Global FinPrint we are using baited remote underwater videos to collect species and relative abundance data on reef-associated sharks and rays.


Charlotteville Coral Garden
Your expedition will give you the chance to dive, carry out husbandry work and collect data on our coral nursery. The Charlotteville Coral Garden is a project with the long-term aim of restoring levels of critically endangered Acropora cervicornis and Acropora palmata corals, and we are employing a number of nursery methods to facilitate growth in a sheltered nursery environment prior to restoration to local coral reefs. The coral nursery diving component of your expedition will be combined with classroom presentations and discussions to complete your PADI Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation specialty certification.

Beyond the Expedition

For students, budding scientists, dive groups visiting the Caribbean or simply environmental enthusiasts, an ecological expedition serves you up the complete Tobago experience. Combine environmental awareness, diving with a purpose and data collection with Tobago activities including turtle patrols, forest hikes and an organic garden visit to see aspects of this island that few others do.

Download our ecological expeditions guideline, or email for more information.


Don't have time for a full Ecological Expedition? Then let us know and we will put together a weekend programme for you and your group, geared specifically towards your interests.

In the past we have conducted Reef Check weekends which constitute a full EcoDiver course for participants and conclude with the completion of a survey at one of our coral reef monitoring sites, and Shark and Ray weekends during which we present some interesting facts about these wonderful animals, discuss their biology, ecology, status and conservation priorities, and complete a number dives and snorkels as we gather data on northeast Tobago shark and ray populations.

For more information or to register please email

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