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We are perfectly located to access dive sites on both the Caribbean and Atlantic coasts. The Caribbean coast is less exposed to the famous Tobago currents than the Atlantic coast but boasts some excellent dive sites nevertheless, while Speyside and the Atlantic coast offer not just sheltered sites but thrilling drift diving as well.

Some of our favourite sites include:

The Sisters – rocky offshore pinnacles plunging to over 40m and adorned with soft corals, this site is historically famous for hammerhead sharks and manta rays.

Gardener’s Rocks – rising from 30m these large rocks just reach the surface and are a magnet for turtles and barracuda, as well as the myriad of cryptic species that dwell within the soft corals and sponges on the rocks themselves.

Landslide – a sheltered but excellent site within Man o’ War Bay that will satisfy divers of all levels. With muck, soft and hard coral areas, this relaxing dive can yield everything from guitarfish, stingrays and turtles, to frogfish, coral shrimp and seahorses. It is one of our Reef Check monitoring sites.

London Bridge – depending on conditions divers make their way through the deep and narrow passageway below the distinctive arch that rises out of the water. Brain corals and sponges are abundant, as are lobsters, moray eels and schools of jacks.

St. Giles – famous as one of the largest frigatebird colonies in the Caribbean, this island lies almost exactly where the Atlantic and the Caribbean meet. A sloping reef with soft corals and brain corals, it is home to hundreds of reef fish and the occasional pelagic visitor. It is one of our Reef Check monitoring sites.

Kelleston Drain – a drift through gorgonians and sea whips takes you past the largest brain coral in the Caribbean, dwarfing the divers beside it. Plenty of reef fish and invertebrates complete the experience while you may also come across the occasional nurse shark, reef shark or manta ray.

Japanese Gardens – with tube sponges, vase sponges and sea whips, this is a very aesthetic dive site. Gentle currents carry you along the gently sloping reef until the point where you move through Kamikaze Cut into a sheltered area to end the dive.

King’s Bay – a drift dive depending on tidal conditions, this site offers deep and shallow profiles, garden eels, eagle rays, turtles, moray eels and large shoals of reef fish. It is one of our Reef Check monitoring sites.

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